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Press Releases

Office of Public Information and Media Relations

Berkeley County Sheriff S. Duane Lewis is committed to providing the public with a transparent and accountable Sheriff’s Office. To that end, Sheriff Lewis utilizes the support of Berkeley County’s Public Information Officer to share information with the media and provide information through social media to the public.

For clarification, the Public Information Officer's responsibilities for the Sheriff’s Office include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving as the point of contact for the news media
  • Preparing and disseminating press releases
  • Coordinating interview requests from the media
  • Arranging and coordinating press conferences and conducting other media events as needed
  • Managing the Sheriff's Office social media pages

Public Information Contact

Michael Mule

Michael Mulé
Public Information Officer
Cell - 843-826-5895
Office - 843-719-4022

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