Emergency Medical Services

Berkeley County EMS Patch 1979

Matthew Lindewirth, MSEMS, NRP, Director

Mission statement
Berkeley County EMS is dedicated to providing the highest quality of Emergency Medical Pre Hospital Care. It is our intent to provide the Berkeley County Citizens with competent health care while realizing the human factor attached to injury and illness. It is of great importance to each employee in the Berkeley County EMS system that we emulate pride and professionalism when dealing with patients, coworkers and the general public."

Berkeley County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is designed to meet the needs of citizens in times of medical crisis. Our state of the art services are calibrated with a professional character reflective of compassionate public servants. Berkeley County EMS's rapid 24 hour services are a blend of disciplines designed to meet varying emergent needs that may arise no matter what the nature of the emergency.

Berkeley County EMS Ambulance

Our trained staff responds to about 14,000 medical emergencies each year. The importance of skilled professional personnel, state of the art equipment, and reliable vehicles cannot be overstated. The annual budget of 3.8 million dollars, a third of which comes from billing procedures, allows Berkeley County EMS to participate in rescue operations, establish routine procedures for children and adults, and plan for future growth. Suburban and rural residents can confidently rely on Berkeley County Emergency Medical Services.