Forms & Documents

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2017-2018 Recommended Budget for Berkeley County General Fund
Grant Administration 2018-2019 Annual Report
Real Property 4% Legal Residence Application
Real Property 4% Removal Request
Real Property 4% Request for Refund (Prior Years)
Planning & Zoning 911 Addressing Form
Finance Accommodations Tax Application
Finance Accommodations Tax Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines
Planning & Zoning Administrative Appeal
Clerk of Courts Affidavit for a Lost/Stolen Family Court Check
Clerk of Courts Affidavit For Support Payments To Be Through Court
Register of Deeds Affidavit of Consideration
Magistrates Court Affidavit Public Sale
Real Property Agricultural Use Application
Mosquito Abatement Altosid XR-Briquets
Sheriff Annual Report 2019
Magistrates Court Appeal Procedure
Magistrates Court Application for Ejectment (Eviction)
Roads & Bridges Application for Encroachment Permit
Planning & Zoning Application for Home Occupation
Real Property Application For Homebuilders and Developers Tax Exemption
Clerk of Courts Application For Peddlers and Hawkers License
Planning & Zoning Application for Rezoning
Planning & Zoning Application for Special Exception Permit
Planning & Zoning Application for Temporary Residential Occupancy out of a RV/Camper
Planning & Zoning Application for variance Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)
Planning & Zoning Application for Waiver Planning Commission
Engineering Approval Process for CAA
Mosquito Abatement Aqua Reslin
Master in Equity Assignment of Bid (MS Word Format)
Master in Equity Assignment of Bid (PDF Format)
Sheriff Assume Cost
Planning & Zoning Authorization Agreement
Engineering Berkeley County Regulated Area Map
Engineering Berkeley County Roads and Drainage Review Checklist
Permitting Buildings and Building Regulations
Auditor Business Personal Property Return
Real Property Change of Address
Engineering Checklist for CAA
Sheriff Citizen Police Academy Application
Clerk of Courts Civil Action Cover Sheet
Magistrates Court Claim & Delivery Affidavit
Magistrates Court Claim and Delivery Procedures
Mosquito Abatement Cocobear
Permitting Commercial Information
Planning & Zoning Commercial Pool and Solar Permits Submittal Requirements 2018
Real Property Commercial Real Property Tax Exemption
Permitting Commercial Special Inspection Procedure
Planning & Zoning Commercial Up-Fit and Sign Permit Submittal 2018
Planning & Zoning Conditional Use Permit Application to Operate a Conditional Use