Forms & Documents

Voters Registration & Elections Voter Registration Application
Sheriff Assume Cost
Sheriff Citizen Police Academy Application
Roads & Bridges Application for Encroachment Permit
Register of Deeds Lawyer's Affidavit of Satisfaction
Register of Deeds Lost Mortgage Satisfaction
Register of Deeds Manufactured Home Affidavit for Retirement of Title
Register of Deeds Mechanics Lien
Register of Deeds Revocation of Power of Attorney
Register of Deeds Mechanics Lien Release
Register of Deeds Power of Attorney
Register of Deeds Mortgage Satisfaction Rescission Affidavit
Register of Deeds State of SC Probate
Register of Deeds State of SC Uniform Acknowledgement
Register of Deeds Recording Checklist - General Information
Register of Deeds Affidavit of Consideration
Register of Deeds Contractor's Notice of Project Commencement
Register of Deeds Register of Deeds Fee Schedule
Real Property Agricultural Use Application
Real Property 4% Removal Request
Real Property Special Assessment Military Guidelines
Real Property Special Assessment Active Duty Military Supplement Application
Real Property Informal Appeal Request
Real Property Application For Homebuilders and Developers Tax Exemption
Real Property Multiple Lot Discount Application
Real Property Commercial Real Property Tax Exemption
Real Property Department of Revenue Appeals Process
Real Property Homeowner Association Special Valuation
Real Property Mobile Home Combine to Land Request
Real Property Change of Address
Real Property Multi-Residence Breakdown Request
Real Property 4% Legal Residence Application
Real Property 4% Request for Refund (Prior Years)
Planning & Zoning Application for Rezoning
Planning & Zoning Conditional Use Permit Application to Operate a Conditional Use
Planning & Zoning Application for Special Exception Permit
Planning & Zoning Application for Waiver Planning Commission
Planning & Zoning Application for variance Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)
Planning & Zoning Authorization Agreement
Planning & Zoning Covenant Affidavit
Planning & Zoning Home Occupation Approval Application
Planning & Zoning Administrative Appeal
Planning & Zoning Subdivision Exempt Application
Planning & Zoning Subdivision Review Comm. Application
Planning & Zoning Setbacks
Planning & Zoning Poultry Use Approval Form
Planning & Zoning Zoning Use Approval Form for 911 Addressing
Planning & Zoning Subdivision Of Property Requests Brochure
Permitting Solar Panels
Permitting Special Inspections Form