Homeland Security Office

Department of Homeland Security

The Homeland Security Office of the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office is a direct link with other local, state and federal agencies with regard to all matters affecting Homeland Security. This includes SLED, Low Country Joint Terrorism Task Force, South Carolina Anti-terrorism Task Force, the United States Office of Domestic Preparedness and the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Information and intelligence relating to both domestic and international terrorism is shared among the agencies to ensure agencies are aware of matters that may pertain to their jurisdictions. This not only enhances preparedness but also assists in identifying areas such as equipment, personnel, training, etc. that may need improvement. All of this enables law enforcement to provide a better level of assistance and protection to the citizens of Berkeley County.

An additional responsibility under the Homeland Security Office is that of liaison with local and state emergency management offices. Berkeley County is fortunate to enjoy a very close relationship with the Berkeley County Office of Emergency Management as well as the South Carolina State Emergency Management Division and the Emergency Operations Centers of the surrounding counties.

The Berkeley County WMD Regional Response Team, law enforcement element, consists of select personnel expertly trained and certified in the areas of hazardous materials response, national incident management system, incident command system, terrorist/counter terrorist response and equipped to implement law enforcement functions at the scene of critical incidents involving CBRNE, toxic industrial chemicals, terrorist incidents, and "all hazardous" incidents, be it man-made or a natural disaster.