The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing quality law enforcement performance and effective community relations based upon trust. We welcome commendations of Sheriff's Office personnel who admirably perform their duties

We encourage our deputies and employees to be "service oriented." Therefore, there is no greater recognition for them than to be complimented for their excellent service by a citizen.

Commendations can range from a citizen's letter to a service medal. When providing commendation information in letter form please describe the events or incident along with the officer(s)/employee's name(s). Let us know why they impressed you or assisted you. What action did they take that made the difference? Depending on the circumstances surrounding the events or incident the employee's action will be considered and evaluated when deciding what level of recognition they will receive.  In all cases the employee and their supervisor will be notified regarding the commendation received. The Sheriff will also receive the information and it will be placed in the employee's personnel file.

If you wish to commend a deputy or an employee please complete the Commendation form below and click the submit button for the form to be forwarded to the Sheriff's Office.

If the issue you are notifying us of relates to a specific incident please supply the location and date/time
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