Sheriff's Office

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Welcome to the official web page of the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office. The intent of this page is to provide the citizens of Berkeley County with an easy-to-access information portal to the Sheriff's Office. Through this web site, citizens can obtain information on the operations of the Sheriff's Office, phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation, forms and a host of other information that will save them time and effort. We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve the site, for after all, this is your site.

The mission of the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office is to make a priority of protecting the lives and property of citizens who reside in or visit Berkeley County. The agency will strive to achieve this mission by utilizing every resource available to deliver effective law enforcement services to enhance crime prevention and detection to facilitate public safety and foster community partnership with the agency.

Our goals and objectives are to provide the citizens of Berkeley County with timely and professional responses to their calls for service. We are committed to creating a safer environment by decreasing the number of all types of crimes committed in our county. We will strive to provide the most efficient law enforcement service possible with the resources allocated to the Sheriff's Office and to provide accountability to the citizens of Berkeley County.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office accepts employment applications for law enforcement and correctional personnel on an as needed basis. The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office is an equal opportunity employer.