Mobile Home Information

Copy of title on all used homes.
A signed application for certificate of title on all homes (Form 400).

$5.00 decal fee, $70.00 set up fee
$70.00 fire fee on set-up of home new to the county, or off dealer’s lot
$25.00 fee for Base Flood Elevation: If property is in Fema Flood Zone, the county can provide a base flood elevation. If you choose to have a surveyor shoot your BFE, this information must be provided to the permitting department prior to your permits being issued. A final elevation certificate must be turned into our department prior to a final inspection and power being released for the home.

$25.00 fee for moving permits other than for homes coming off of dealer's lot.

A Septic Tank approval Letter (DEHEC) if you need to install a new septic tank OR a sewer availability letter (BCWS).

Name of Manufactured Home Park, Lot Number, Mailing address, and the physical address where home is sitting and where home will be moving.

Who is moving and/or setting up the home (must be licensed through MFHB)

Copy of Purchase Agreement or Contract of Sale

Site/Plot plan showing location of new home from property lines, and from all other structures on property.

If the manufactured home changes ownership and is moving within the county, the current year taxes must be paid and any back taxes before a permit will be issued. If moving out of the county, the current year taxes must be paid before a moving permit will be issued.

If moving into Berkeley County from another county, along with a copy of the title, we must have a copy of the moving permit from the previous county.

When requesting a complimentary moving permit coming off a dealer’s lot, a moving permit or copy of the paid tax receipt from the previous county must also accompany the above-mentioned paperwork.

ALL REPOS: We must have a copy of the title; an affidavit of repossession and the past, present and future taxes must be paid if the home is moving to the dealers. Lot. There is also a $25.00 fee for the moving permit(s). If the repo is also being sold at the same time to a new owner, we must also have a copy of the form 400 (front and back, signed) and a bill of sale in addition to the above paperwork.

If you have a trade-in on your new home, please be aware there is a $25.00 fee for your moving permit(s). All transactions must be done at the same time. Example: A new home will be required to have their Comp moving permit, decal and set-up permit. At the same time, the trade-in must have the moving permit and all current year taxes and any back taxes paid before we will release the permits for the new home. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!!

Per Ordinance #03-01-01, effective March 1, 2003: A fee of twenty-five and no/100 ($25.00) dollars for each Permit Authorization Card (PAC) shall be required for all in-state South Carolina licensed general and mechanical contractors, licensed residential builders and/or registered residential specialty contractors requesting to do work within the unincorporated portions of Berkeley County. All out of state contractors must have a South Carolina state contractors license and will be required to pay a fee of forty and no/100 ($40.00) dollars for each Permit Authorization Card. Manufactured Home Dealers and Installers wishing to set up manufactured homes in the unincorporated area of Berkeley County must also be licensed by the State of South Carolina and are required to purchase a Permit Authorization Card. A separate card must be purchased for any employee or representative who wishes to apply for the manufactured housing set-up permit. These cards are renewable annually prior to January 1st of the following year.

Per Ordinance #03-01-01, effective March 1, 2003: A permit shall be required for placement of any manufactured home or mobile unit within the unincorporated areas of Berkeley County. Only a licensed dealer or licensed installer of manufactured homes, or owner, if the said person is actually performing the installation, shall apply for the permit. A fee of forty-five ($45.00) and no/100 dollars shall be paid for said permit.