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BID - Invitation for Bids
BVB - Best Value Bid
RFP - Request for Proposals
RFQ - Request for Qualifications
INT - Intent of Award

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Awarded Contracts
Type Solicitation # / Title Contract Description Award/ Closed Date Awarded To Award Amount
BID BCWS-08-18/19 Removal of Scrap Metal and White Goods 10/30/2018 Charleston Steel and Metal 28.9% based on the American Metal Market
BID BCWS-07-18/19 Chemicals for Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations 09/25/2018 JCI Jones, Brenntag Mid-South, Univar USA Various
BID BCWS-01-18/19 FY17 Pump Station Rehab and Replacement (PS053, 111, 202) 09/24/2018 BRW Construction, LLC $1,840,091
RFP 21003-03-18/19 Design Build of Cypress Gardens Boat Dock 09/07/2018 BluTide Marine Construction $363,695.75
RFP BCWS-14-17/18 Removal and Disposal of Stockpile Tires 07/13/2018 Liberty Tire Recycling $239 per ton
BVB BCWS-15-17/18 Janitorial Services 07/13/2018 Summit Building Services $39,599.56
RFP BCWS-10-17/18 Landfill Gas Collection Expansion 06/26/2018 Advance One Development $738,815
BID BCWS-13-17/18 FY17 Pump Station Rehab and Replacement (PS053, 111, 202) 06/22/2018 All Bids Rejected 0.00
BID 41506-01-17/18 Printing Services 05/07/2018 American Solutions for Business $31,446.36
BVB BCWS-11-17/18 Grinding of Wood and Yard Debris 04/24/2018 State Tree Service $450 per hour as needed
RFP 42301-01-2017/2018 Inmate Telephone Service 04/12/2018 Securus- Option B Amount Varies, based on the individual call
BID BCWS-09-17/18 Solid Waste Vehicle Fleet Tire Repair Service 03/26/2018 Piedmont Truck Tires $84.00 (Total Cost)
BID 44103-01-17/18 Aerial Mosquito Control Spraying 03/05/2018 Allen Aviation Adulticide $0.81 per acre/ Larvicide $6.25 per acre
BID BCWS-02-17/18 FY16 Pump Station Improvements 02/23/2018 MJL, Inc. $1,359,389
RFP Williams Lane Road Improvements (S-1125) Williams Lane Road Improvements (S1125) 02/05/2018 IPW Construction Group $1,638,459.30
RFP 41301-01-17/18 Financial Advisor Services 01/30/2018 PFM Financial Advisory Amount Varies, based on the individual task orders
BID 34015-01-17/18 Cypress Gardens Bridges & Pathways Improvements 01/26/2018 Brantley Construction $382,670
RFP 41507-01-17/18 Digital Orthophotography Project 12/29/2017 Kucera International Inc. $90,000
RFP 34020-01-17/18 Feasibility Study for the Judicial System 12/20/2017 CGL Companies $99,430.00
BID 43105-01-17/18 2017 Roadway Resurfacing 12/14/2017 Paragon Sitework Constructors, Inc. $1,247,508.00
BID BCWS-07-17/18 Collection and Removal of Used Textiles 11/30/2017 NO BID N/A
RFP 47002-01-17/18 Operation and Maintenance of Spiers Landing Rec Facility 11/20/2017 Jehovah Lodge #351 500.00
BID 21003-01-17/18 Detention Center Roof Replacement 11/06/2017 Tecta America $884,495
BID BCWS-06-17/18 Collection and Removal of Used Textiles 10/31/2017 NO BID N/A
BID BCWS-03-17/18 PS004 Force Main Relocation 09/29/2017 Triad Engineering & Contracting Co. $1,110,938
BID 00100-01-17/18 On- Site Delivery of Bulk Oil 09/26/2017 Colonial Fuel & Lubricant Services, Inc $5.49/ gal CK4, $6.15/ gal Dexos1 5w30 Full Synthetic Oil, $1.19/ gal DEF
RFP BCWS-01-17/18 Lower & Upper Berkeley WWTP Upgrade 09/07/2017 Hazen & Sawyer 358.4 Points
RFP BCWS-05-17/18 Emergency Services for Removal and Disposal of Debris 09/07/2017 CERES Environmental Services, Inc. Various- Depends on Services Needed
BID BCWS-04-17/18 Long Yoke Boxes 08/07/2017 Ferguson Waterworks $216.97 each
BID BCWS-11-16/17 Horseshoe Neighborhood Water Extension 07/24/2017 Green Construction of Summerville $363,664.50
RFP BCWS-09-16/17 Solid Waste Electronic (E-scrap) Recycling 06/26/2017 Intelligent Lifecycle Solutions .21 cents per pound
RFP BCWS-13-16/17 Solid Waste Disposal in the Berkeley County Franchise Area 06/15/2017 Republic Services $27.84 per Quarter
RFP 42203-01-16/17 Independent Fire Study 06/07/2017 Manitou $54,175.00
BID 41506-01-16/17 Printing Services 06/06/2017 American Solutions for Business $35,583.57
BVB 42301-01-2016/2017 Pest Control Services for the Berkeley County Detention Center 06/06/2017 Clegg's Pest Control $3,700.00
BID BCWS-10-16/17 Berkeley County CIPP Project 06/06/2017 Bio-Nomic Services, Inc. $2,485,382.07
BID BCWS-14-16/17 Collection and Disposal of Used Tires 04/28/2017 Ridge Recyclers $150 (Passengers/ Truck Tires (DOT))/$500 (Skidder/ Off-Road Tires) per ton, plus $544 per transport load
BID BCWS-08-16/17 Central Berkeley WWTP Flow Diversion - West - Phase 1 12/20/2016 Anson Construction Co., Inc $1,494,572.00
BID 21003-05-16/17 Moncks Corner Senior Center Roof Replacement 12/16/2016 Keating Roofing and Sheet Metal $68,700.00
BID 21003-04-16/17 Roof Replacement for Berkeley County Health Department 12/15/2016 Keating Roofing and Sheet Metal $452,435.00
RFP 21003-01-16/17 Drain Line Separation Repair & Replacement IDC 12/13/2016 Eadie's Construction $133,371.00
BID BCWS-07-16/17 Landfill Cell 13 Construction Project 12/07/2016 Atlantis Commercial Group $2,997,616.00
RFP 41516-01-16/17 Police Vehicle Upfit of Equipment IDC 11/15/2016 Radio Communications of Charleston & Tra-Fx IDC
BID BCWS-04-16/17 Sangaree Water Tower Improvements 08/31/2016 MJL, Inc. $1,601,000.00
BID BCWS-02-16/17 Camp Hall Regional Water- Division II 08/12/2016 Moorhead Construction $5,079,639
BID 43103-01-16/17 1000 GALLON TRAILER MOUNTED HYDRO SEEDER 08/09/2016 Turbo Technologies, LLC $38,677.00
RFP 41501-01-15/16 Classification and Compensation Study 07/26/2016 Evergreen Solutions, LLC $68,000.00
BID BCWS-03-16/17 Etiwan Drive - Force Main Repair/Replace 07/26/2016 MJL, Inc. $1,115,706.00
BID BCWS-15-15/16 Pump Station 001 Renovation 07/25/2016 MB Kahn $4,611,570.00
RFP 47001-01-15/16 Airport Fixed Base Operator - Aircraft Maintenance 07/01/2016 Light Aircraft of Charleston, Inc. $6,000.00