Delinquent Common Terms


Failure to do what is required by law or obligation; overdue in payment.


A notice of delinquent taxes due.

Levy Cost

A charge imposed when property is seized for non-payment of taxes. The charge offsets the cost incurred by the County in collecting the taxes.

Personal Property

Movable items of property that are not permanently affixed to or part of real property. Examples are automobiles, boats, business furniture, fixtures and airplanes.

Quit-claim Deed

A deed of conveyance provided without any assurance or warranty of validity. A quitclaim deed is evidence of good title but not clear title.


Payment of taxes, levies, penalties and interest by the delinquent taxpayer after real property has been sold at a delinquent tax sale. This process allows the delinquent taxpayer to retain possession of the property.