What Documents are Required for Processing

  • Vehicle – New Application
    1. Driver’s license with current address
    2. Bill of sale from Dealer
    3. Title in your name or signed over to you by seller
    4. Most current Registration in your name
  • Vehicle - Change of Address
    1. Driver’s license with new address
    2. Vehicle registration with new address
  • Vehicle – Refund or Bill Proration
    1. Documented Sale of vehicle or lease termination
    2. Repo document with date of repossession, make, model, year and vin
    3. DMV form 5051 that license plate has been returned
    4. If moved out of state, copy of new vehicle registration
  • Homestead Application
    1. Requirements:
      •   Property at 4% for legal residence
      •   Updated Driver’s license
    2. Proof of age – Birth Certificate or SC Driver License
    3. Legally Blind – A signed letter from licensed ophthalmologist on letter head with effective date
    4. Disability – Documentation of disability from a state or federal agency with entitlement date

      Please be aware that additional documents may be required for unusual circumstance (i.e. marriage license)
  • Disabled Veteran
    1. A signed letter from Veteran’s Administration certifying the permanent service connected disability
    2. Registration card or bill of sale of vehicle(s) to be exempted
    3. PT-401-I form, filled out to send to SCDOR
    4. Approval letter from SCDOR once PT-401-I form has been approved by SCDOR
  • Boat and/or Motor – Purchase or sale of Boat and/or Motor
    1. Registration or title
    2. Bill of sale signed by seller and buyer
    3. Address change form
    4. 4% residential assessment form or 6% second home assessment form