Updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps from FEMA released for Berkeley County

Updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) were released and can be found here [see attached pdf] These maps will determine the flood insurance premium of homes in Berkeley County, depending upon the zone the home is located.
There are six zones in Berkeley County, zone X, shaded X, AE, V, VE and A.
Those who were not in a flood plain before, but have been mapped into one now may be required to buy insurance.
If the flood elevation has gone up, the rate may increase.
However, those who are no longer in a flood zone may no longer need flood insurance, or could see a decrease in flood insurance premiums.
The FEMA maps reflect updated flood zones and changes based on new available data.
The Letter of Final Determination (LFD) from FEMA was received by the County this week and will go into effect in six months, on December 7, 2018.
This will allow staff six months to update the County flood ordinance.
The current County flood zone maps are from 2003.
FEMA released the new preliminary maps in February 2016.
Through combined effort with a State Coordinator at the Department of Natural Resources, Floodplain Management hosted an open house on August 10, 2016 to allow the public the opportunity to view and comment on the new maps.
The Department of Natural Resources then published information about the maps in a local newspaper and the 90-day appeal period followed from April 20, 2017- July 20, 2017."Berkeley County leaders and citizens have been eager to receive the LFD from FEMA to see updates that reflect current conditions," said Berkeley County Supervisor Bill Peagler."These maps will be guiding documents for Berkeley County citizens and future homeowners.
County leaders are thankful for the hard work that has gone into these documents and are eager to get the maps adopted."
For more information on the new maps and specific questions contact Berkeley County Floodplain Manager Penny Ayers at 843-719-4266 or [see attached pdf]