Captain Ulysses Greene

Captain Ulysses Greene

Captain Ulysses Greene started his law enforcement career as a Magistrate’s Constable in 1974. He joined the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in 1981 as a patrol deputy. Captain Greene graduated from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in 1982. He rose through the ranks and became the Captain of the warrant division in 2005. He has been active in the community by serving on numerous committees including Berkeley Electric Co-op, Trident United Way, Berkeley County Concerned Citizens and the Berkeley, Charleston, & Dorchester Economic Development. Captain Greene is married with four children and eight grandchildren. He and his wife are members of Bethlehem Baptist Church and Captain Greene is on the Board of Trustees.

The Warrants Division is headed by Captain U. Greene and is comprised of highly motivated and experienced deputies whose mission is to clear warrants by bringing the offender into compliance with the court. This is often affected through arresting the defendant. However, a defendant may contact the Warrants Division to receive a time frame to turn themselves in, or to pay their fine to the court. A warrant will not be closed until an individual has been served with the warrant and given a bond hearing or until all fines are paid. A defendant who is willing to cooperate with our office will be given a reasonable time period to dispose of their case. The Warrants Division is also charged with assisting local and federal agencies to safely apprehend all defendants who have open felony, misdemeanor and civil warrants issued by their jurisdictional agency. The Warrants Division also has two civilian employees, an Administrative Assistant and a Clerk. They support the operational units by maintaining and servicing the large number of warrants issued by the various courts throughout Berkeley County.

If you believe you have an outstanding warrant, please call our Warrants Division and speak with a deputy. The Warrants Division can be reached by calling 843-719-4451 or 843-719-4420.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the statute of limitations on a warrant?

Answer: There is no statute of limitations on serving a warrant.

Question: Can I call and make inquiries about warrants that are on other people?

Answer: No, only the wanted person themselves can make inquiries. Then, only certain information will be disclosed. This is the policy of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Division, and is also done to protect victims. Only after a warrant is served, does it become public information.

Question: What should I do if I think I have a warrant?

Answer: You can call the warrants division and speak to one of the deputies. Some warrants can be taken care of without going to jail. If it is required that you turn yourself in, the deputy will set that up for you with the least amount of time spent waiting to see the judge. The deputy will also inform the judge that you came of your own accord. You can reach the warrants division at 843-719-4420 or 843-719-4451.

Question: What can be done if there is a warrant on someone who lives in Berkeley County, but another agency has physical possession of that warrant?

Answer: The agency who has possession of the warrant needs to send a faxed request along with any pertinent information on the subject to the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division. We are unable to verify warrants from other agencies without this required step. Once we receive this information, the Warrant Division is always glad to assist other agencies in apprehending wanted persons.

Question: What if a wanted person is living out of the state of South Carolina?

Answer: Apprehending and transporting a wanted person from another state requires multiple steps and the assistance from the out-of-state agency where the subject is located. This process is known as “extradition”. Each and every extradition is subject to approval. Once approved, extradition procedures can begin. Extraditions can take up to several weeks.