Office of Professional Standards and Staff Services

Captain Jimmy Mixson

Captain Jimmy Mixson

Captain Jimmy Mixson is a lifelong resident of Berkeley County. Growing up in St. Stephens he attended St. Stephen High School where he graduated in 1982. Captain Mixson started his law enforcement career in 1987 with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office as a patrol deputy. Over the years Captain Mixson has worked in many different areas of the Sheriff’s Office including managing the Civil Process Division for fifteen years and as recently as 2007 Captain Mixson took charge of the Training Division. Captain Mixson has served as the President of the Berkeley County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 19 for the past 12 years and he is currently serving as the State President of the South Carolina Fraternal Order of Police. Captain Mixson is married to Michelle Hearn Mixson and they have two children, Alan and Taylor. Alan is in the United States Air Force and Taylor attends Berkeley High School. Captain Mixson is responsible for the following functions of the Sheriff’s Office.

  • Accreditation
  • Training Division
  • Fleet/Supply
  • Recruiting
  • Internal Investigations
  • Crime Analysis
  • Polygraph


The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office has been an accredited agency under the South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation program (SCLEA) since January 2001. Accreditation was achieved after a successful on-site inspection by inspectors trained and designated by the South Carolina Police Accreditation Coalition (SCPAC). The inspection ensures adherence to over 250 standards and the intent of the accreditation program. We have maintained our Accreditation through inspections every three years with the last inspection in 2009. We have been able to increase our capabilities, provide better management by establishing precise written policies and procedures, increase agency effectiveness and efficiency of services delivered, provide access to the latest methods developed by experts in law enforcement, and promote cooperation and coordination with other law enforcement agencies, and increase citizens and employee confidence in the practices of this office. Currently we are preparing for National Accreditation.

Training Division

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that training is one of the most significant responsibilities of law enforcement agencies and it is the most important process for ensuring organizational effectiveness. Training is viewed as a continual process which can assist all personnel in maintaining the highest degrees of professionalism, knowledge, and effectiveness within their individual job titles. The Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing all members and employees with quality, progressive training programs.

The Training Division currently offers the following:

  • In-House Training: Any training administered by a member or employee to another member or employee.
  • Outside Agency Training: Any training received by a member or employee from a source not affiliated with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. This may be Specialized Training (Fingerprinting, Bomb Technician Training, etc.) or Mandatory Training (Domestic Violence, Hazardous Materials, etc.)
  • Roll Call Training: Ongoing, periodic general training administered by Section Training Officers or supervisors to their respective members and employees. The goal of this training is to keep officers up to date between formal training sessions.
  • Specialized Training: Any training administered to members or an employee that is section/unit specific. This training may be In-House or Outside Agency Training.
  • Remedial Training: Retraining administered for the purpose of enhancing the proficiency skills of a member or employee in an area which he previously did not satisfactorily complete.
  • Career Development Training: Training administered to a member upon promotion which is designed to develop and enhance those skills necessary for the member to competently perform the duties of his new position.
  • Recruit Training
  • Basic Academy Training: Specific, mandatory training administered by an approved police training academy to all recruits prior to becoming sworn members.
  • Fleet/Supply

    The Fleet Supply office currently outfits and maintains 232 Deputies and Corrections Officers with Uniforms, equipment, and supplies. They also manage the fleet of 196 vehicles including all electronic emergency equipment, vehicle markings, and computers. The Fleet Supply office documents maintenance on each vehicle assigned to the fleet, and a complete inventory of issued property to each employee including firearms issued by this office.


    Recruiting is responsible for complete background investigations on all applicants who are seeking employment within this office. Applications are received, issued to the background investigator who checks references, criminal history, liens, judgments, driver’s license status and driver’s history. Applicants are tested for reading ability and level of comprehension. They are interviewed with Polygraph, and scheduled for interviews with the Sheriff. They are scheduled for psychological and physical assessments after an offer for employment is made.

    Internal Investigations

    Internal Investigations is a secondary duty for selected qualified investigators. Specially trained Deputies are assigned on a case by case basis. All serious complaints and all Criminal allegations made against employees are thoroughly investigated, reported to the Sheriff and kept on file. The Annual Statistical Report & Summary of Internal Complaints are available for review at the Sheriff's office.

    Crime Analysis

    The purpose of Crime Analysis is to collect and disseminate information about criminal activity and trends. The information is available for Law Enforcement, Neighborhood Watch, Business owners, Developers, and citizens.