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Captain Melissa Blanchard

Captain Melissa Blanchard

Melissa Blanchard was born in Jacksonville, FL and is a 1982 graduate of Miami Killian Sr. High School. Ms. Blanchard has been a resident of Berkeley County since 1982 and she began her law enforcement career with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office in 1993. She has worked in the areas of Uniform Patrol and Criminal Investigations – Sex Crimes & Juvenile Crime and was responsible for writing the grant which implemented the School Resource Officer Program in Berkeley County. Melissa earned an Associate's Degree in Public Service, Criminal Justice in 2004 and is a 2007 graduate of the prestigious FBI National Academy, Session 231 in Quantico, Virginia. She has been serving as the Captain of the Community Services Division since June 2004.

Capt. Blanchard is responsible for the following areas and units within the agency:

  • School Affairs Unit
  • Sex Offender Registry Unit
  • Records
  • Duty Office
  • Crime Mapping
  • Off-Duty Coordinator
  • FBI/SLED Terminal Agency Coordinator
  • Website Liaison
  • Police Explorer Post 700 Chairman

Capt. Blanchard can be reached by calling (843) 719-4413 or by email at if you have any questions or concerns.

The School Affairs Unit is comprised of ten (10) School Resource Officers who are assigned in four high schools and six middle schools in Berkeley County.

Officer School
Lieutenant John Dunn Cane Bay Middle
Sergeant Sean Mizner College Park Middle
Corporal Billy Traynor Goose Creek High
Corporal Allison Taylor Timberland High
Corporal Ellen Mayer Cane Bay High
Corporal Stephen Platt Sangree Middle
Corporal Henry Richardson Cainhoy Middle/Elementary
Corporal Brent Fenton Cross Middle/High
Corporal Gary Lipsey Sedgefield Middle
Corporal Randy Goodwin Macedonia Middle

First and foremost they are law enforcement officers. Each deputy assigned to this division has obtained their LE1 classification through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and were required to have a minimum of eighteen (18) months law enforcement experience prior to applying for the SRO position.

The deputies assigned to this unit receive specialized training so that they are able to complete the triad concept of the School Resource Officer (SRO).

The triad concept has three components, law enforcement, teaching and counseling.

The first and main priority for each SRO is to function in a law enforcement capacity and to assist in maintaining a safe school environment for staff and students. SRO’s do not become involved in enforcing school rules such as clothing violations.

Second, they serve as teachers in the areas of law related education and drug, alcohol and violence education. They are available, through request of any teacher or administrator, to conduct classroom education on any of the aforementioned topics as well as bullying, cyber safety, crime scene investigation, crime prevention and law related education.

Third, they are available to counsel with students, parents and staff as needed regarding any matter, law related or not.

The Berkeley County School District currently funds the deputies assigned to this unit over the 190 day contracted school year; the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office funds these positions outside the contract year.

During this time the deputies are used to supplement shortages in other areas of the agency, from working patrol, warrants, serving civil papers, conducting Sex Offender house checks, and court security.

The Duty Office is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This office is comprised of six (6) civilian duty officers on rotating shifts. The Duty Officers are responsible for the main switchboard duties coming into the agency. Duty Officer’s are also responsible for taking incident reports over the phone or in person that are non-emergent in nature. Types of reports that can be taken over the phone are:

  • Unlawful Use of the Telephone
  • Trespassing
  • Fraud
  • Minor Thefts
  • Motor Vehicle Thefts
  • Breach of Trust
  • Use of Vehicle without Owner Consent
  • Harassment

Duty Officer’s are also responsible for a multitude of other duties including but not limited to:

  • Monitoring of the NCIC Crime Computer
  • Repossessed and Towed Vehicle Logs
  • NCIC Validations
  • Criminal History inquires
  • DMV inquires
  • Maintaining the wanted person file
  • Order of Protection & Restraining Order entries
  • Concealed Weapons application responses

The Records Office is located in the Sheriff’s Office and is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. This office will provide copies of incident reports when requested in person. Picture identification is required when requesting incident reports. There is a $2 fee for each report requested, however, reports are provided free of charge to the victim of a crime. Reports are available to the public after 1:00 p.m. two business days following the day an incident is reported. In addition to being responsible for the accurateness and storage of all documents relating to incidents occurring within the county, the Records Office is tasked with the following:

  • Build and submit monthly database for submission to SLED
  • Review/Validate/Print/Scan/Index and file all incident reports
  • Complete all Military background checks and requests from US Probation Office
  • Complete address and background checks for DSS
  • Courtesy Summons records
  • Answer Rule 5/Discovery requests
  • Research and answer FOIA requests
  • Researching dispositions
  • Challenges to criminal history information
  • Expungements

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office does not provide local background checks. All requests for Criminal Histories and/or Background Checks must be made through South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) on their Citizens Access to Criminal Histories (CATCH) web site or you may print off a form to submit this request by mail.

Sexual Offender Registry – Sex Offenders are required to register with the Sheriff’s Office in the jurisdiction that they reside. This law took effect in June of 1994 requiring that from that time a conviction for any crime outlined within the registry law would result in the mandatory registration of the offender. Persons convicted prior to the law taking place were not required to automatically register. However, persons with convictions for registerable offenses prior to the enactment date may be required to register if informed that they must do so in writing by the Sheriff.

Each offender is required to register semi-annually with our office, in their birth month and again six months later.

At this time there are not any offenders who have been categorized as Predators registered in Berkeley County.

Currently there is one deputy assigned the responsibility of compilation and verification of the Sexual Offenders residing within Berkeley County. Residential field checks are conducted at least once a year. This office also investigates violations of the registry and is responsible for obtaining warrants for offenders who have violated the laws of the registry within our county.

Currently we have nearly 350 offenders registered in Berkeley County.

Sex Offender Search

Contact Information
Inquires/Questions regarding:

School Resource Officer’s or the Duty Office
Primary Contact - Lieutenant John Dunn

Secondary Contact- Captain Melissa Blanchard

Sex Offender Registration
Primary Contact - Sergeant Fred Thornton
Secondary Contact – Captain Melissa Blanchard

Primary Contact – Erica Floyd
Secondary Contact – Shirley Harwell
843-719-4231 OR
Stephanie Prine, Records Supervisor

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