Moncks Corner Company Announces $2 Million Initiative

Playgrounds across South Carolina could become much safer and more efficient thanks to Viva Associates, Inc. (VIVASC).  The company announced a new initiative to help schools utilize their PermaLife Pour & Play playground surface, manufactured from recycled rubber. Tested and certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA), PermaLife Pour & Play is extremely durable, doesn’t decay or attract insects, and drains much better than traditional coverings by repelling and recirculating moisture back into the ground.  This makes for dryer playgrounds, which is extremely important during the rainy season.


According to Marti Sergi, President of VIVASC, the real advantage of PermaLife Pour & Play is the product does not have to be replaced every year, unlike woodchips.  VIVASC also conducts routine maintenance on every playground, adding material as it becomes necessary, as part of their school program package. 


“This is a win-win for both the environment and local schools,” explains Sergi. “We are keeping used tires out of landfills by recycling them into an innovative product which creates a healthier, safer atmosphere for our children - and our children’s children - to enjoy!”


Although the initial investment is higher than installing woodchips, most schools will experience an overall cost savings over time. The estimated life span of the product exceeds 10 years. As part of their new initiative, VIVASC will allow schools to purchase PermaLife Pour & Play on extended, interest free payment plans to help ease budget concerns. With the company’s, “Making Mulch Affordable” (MMA) program, schools should actually see a drop in their short and long-term playground expenditures. Schools can upgrade their playground(s) to the highest IPEMA safety standards using an attractive, sustainable product that helps protect children from injury and reduces insurance premiums.


“Berkeley County is proud to have such an exciting product being manufactured right in our backyard,” says Dan Davis, Berkeley County Supervisor. “We are pleased that VIVASC is going above and beyond to make their product available and affordable for schools.  We look forward to supporting their ongoing success.”


For more information about PermaLife Pour & Play or how your school may participate, visit or call (843) 761-7955