Foster Creek

Foster Creek is a tidal creek at the extreme southern end of the Back River section of the Cooper River. It is accessed from the freshwater side of the Bushy Park Landing and is located just over one-half of a mile north of the landing on the left bank.



About the Trail

The Foster Creek Trail meanders through the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek. The banks are restricted access; and, while you may paddle through the area, you are not to go ashore. There are numerous signs pointing this out during your paddling trip. While some may be detracted from the signage, we suggest that you do not let it, as the trip is a pretty one and offers better opportunities for viewing and taking pictures of the numerous wading birds. You will see little of the base, as a natural buffer zone has been established around the creek area. Foster Creek is also a popular fishing area, and the tidal creek produces some nice catches of largemouth bass and bluegills. Round trip from Bushy Park Landing to the trestle on Foster Creek and back is about 10 miles or 5 hours of paddling.



The Foster Creek Trail is located in Goose Creek, so staying in a hotel located in Goose Creek or Summerville will put you a quick drive away from the trail.


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